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Zoom Instructions

During the midst of COVID-19, many of you have been asking how to use Zoom for Sunday School classes and virtual socialization. Below you can find step-by-step instructions on how to download an set upZoom. 


1.  First, Download Zoom.  All of these installers will walk you through the setup.  Click on the link below of the device that you are wanting to use. 


PC or Mac - Download

iPhone - Download in App Store

Android- Download in Google Play

2.  Next, Setup your account.  You can use your Facebook Login information or your Google Account information.  If you do not have one of these you can signup for free using your email address and your own chosen password. 


3.  If you have been given a meeting ID to join do that now or wait to be given one.  Feel free to play around on the application and learn what it will do.  


4. Make sure you have your privacy settings set up correctly. Check out this tutorial for instructions on that.

If you have any problems feel free to email Michael at  

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